about me

An Introduction

Hi Internet!

My name is Jet, but for those on the formal side: Tai Jun Jet.

I come from a small country known as Malaysia. It’s hot and humid but also diverse and is a place I will always call home. I completed my undergraduate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering on January 2020 at Taylor’s University, and was a research assistant for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Laboratory at Taylor’s University under Dr. Phang. My work here revolved around first-principles derived autonomous navigational algorithms and novel aggressive flight control algorithms.

Currently, I am a first year PhD student at AVAILab, with Dr. Mauro S. Innocente as my main supervisor. My research work revolves around the utilization of artificial intelligence enabled drones to inform of maintenance needs on public transport systems.

My first introduction to control and electronics came with the classic challenge of designing an inverted pendulum. Since then, I have dabbled in countless electronics and mechanical engineering projects, from automated aircraft painters to scratch build quadrotor vehicles based off the Arduino framework (including sketchy self-developed firmware and single channel RF controller). Not too long ago, I jumped on the AI bandwagon, and promptly fell in love with it.

Outside of my professional work, I enjoy fishkeeping, music, photography, and freestyle FPV flight. Though I’m far from being a professional in any of those fields, I also enjoy the calmness of driving down a freeway in the middle of the night. Feel free to send me electronic mail or DM me on Instagram!

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10 Quotes I Like

Here you’ll find 10 quotes that I try to live by, no more, no less: